Yummilicious Chocolate Cake

This is again my mom’s recipe.Here we will make a basic chocolate cake and cover it with Ganache,to give it a rich taste.Ganache is a French term referring to a smooth and velvety mixture of chocolate and cream. Its is believed to be originated in Switzerland .To make Ganache, hot cream  is poured over chopped chocolate, and the mixture is stirred until smooth.  Dark, milk, or white chocolate can be used to make ganache and different flavorings can be added such as liqueurs and extracts. Butter or oil can also be added when a dark shiny glaze is desired.


For Cake. 

100 gm Butter

130 gm Sugar

125 gm Flour(maida)

25 gm Coco powder

3 eggs

3 tsp baking powder

1tsp orange /vanilla/choclate essence.

2 to 3 tsp Rum(Optional)

For Soaking:

4 tbsp Sugar.

4 tsp Rum(Optional)

4 tbsp water

For Ganache:

300  gm Chopped Chocolate (dark/milk/white)

200 gm Cream.

1 tbsp Butter/Olive oil.


Grease baking tin with melted butter and flour.dust off extra flour.

Sieve together flour,coco powder and baking powder thrice.

Mix together butter and sugar.

Cream butter and sugar with electric blender till it becomes light and fluffy.

Add eggs, one at a time,continue beating.

Add essence and rum.

Start Preheating oven.

Fold in flour.Batter should be of dropping consistency.(when droped from spoon,should fall down smoothly)

Add little milk if required.

Pour into lined/greased baking tin.

Bake at 180-200 degree C for 40 minutes.

While your cake is baking,make a thick syrup buy boiling sugar and water together.Let it cool.Once cooled completely add rum.

After 40 minutes,check if your cake is baked by inserting a small knife in center.Knife should come out clean.If knife comes out wet,bake the cake further for another 5 to 10 minutes.

After the cake is baked.Invert it on cooling mesh.

Demould and let it cool.

Till your cake is cooling,Make ganache.I have used dark milk chocolate.Place the chopped chocolate in a bowl.  Heat the cream  in a small saucepan over medium heat.Bring just to a boil. Immediately pour the boiling cream over the chocolate and allow to stand, without stirring, for a few minutes. Stir gently,with a spoon or whisk until smooth. Add olive oil or melted butter and whisk further.

Using a sharp knife, cut the cake horizontally, into two layers. Turn over the top layer of the cake (top of cake becomes bottom) .

Now  place the cake on your serving plate. Brush the cake layer with prepared sugar syrup and rum mixture.Place the plate on a wire rack, and put the wire rack on top of a large baking sheet or plate(to collect any excess ganache that drips from cake.). Then pour the ganache into the center of the cake and spread evenly to cover the cake.

Place cut-side down on top of the cake spread with ganache, gently pressing to compact.Brush the  top layer of cake with remaining  sugar syrup and rum mixture.

Now  pour the remaining ganache into the center of the cake. Working quickly,spread the ganache with a icing knife, using big strokes to push the ganache over the sides of the cake to cover it.If there are any bare spots on the sides of the cake, cover with ganache.

Let the ganache set,approximately it will take 15 to 20 minutes to set.Put the remaining ganache in refrigerator for thickening up.Once the Ganache is thickened, fill it in a disposable piping bag fitted with a star nozzle and pipe stars at the bottom of the cake.Decorate the cake with decorative strips and disks.(will post the receipe soon)

Enjoy this yummilicious cake.

Happy Cooking !!!


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