Modak(Sweet Rice Dumpling)


Modak has a special importance in the worship of Lord Ganpati.Modak is believed to be his favorite food and thus modakapriya is one of his name .


For the outter covering:

2 cups Rice flour(flour of washed and dried rice).

2 cups Water.

2 tbsp Ghee.

salt to taste.


3 cups Grated coconut.

2 cup Grated jaggery.

salt to taste.

2 tsp Elaichi (cardamom) powder.

2 tbsp Ghee.


For the stuffing:

In a non stick pan,heat ghee,add grated coconut and roast for a minute.

Now add grated jaggery and salt,mix well till jaggery dries up.

Add cardamom powder,mix well.

Keep aside for cooling.

For the outter covering:

Boil  water in a thick bottomed pan.Add salt and ghee.

Add rice flour.

Stir well till a dough consistency is formed.

Cover and cook for 2 to 3 minutes.

Apply melted ghee to your palms.Remove some dough in a plate and knead well to form a dough.

Grease the modak mould with melted ghee.

Take a small lemon size ball of dough,and insert it into the mould.

Spread the dough evenly in the mould with finger.

Now stuff the mould with stuffing(ensure stuffing is cold).

Cover the base of the modak with small disk of dough.

Now open the mould and remove the modak.

Repeat the process for making another modak.

Once 8 to 10 modaks are made,keep water for boiling in a steamer.

Grease the top vessel of steamer with little melted ghee.

Arrange modaks on it.

Now place this top vessel on lower vessel which contains boiling water.

Cover and steam for 10 mins.

Remove and serve hot.


You can break it open and add ghee to it,just before eating….

Tip-Colourful modaks can also be made by adding edible colours to the dough.Karanjis can also be made with same dough and stuffing.

Happy Cooking !!!


3 thoughts on “Modak(Sweet Rice Dumpling)

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