Mango & Choclate Chips Muffin.


These yummy muffins are a must in my house during mango seasoon.The fabulous combination of two favourite treats-Mangoes and Choclate!I am sure all kids will love this…..

This recipe is an adaption of a recipe from Tarla Dalal.


1 cup Maida.

1 tsp Baking powder.

A pinch of Baking Soda.

8 tbsp Condensed milk.

4 tbsp Powdered Sugar.

4 tbsp Mango pulp.

4 tbsp Melted butter.

5 drops of  Vanilla/mango essence.

5 tsp Choclate chips.

1 tsp Melted butter for greasing.


Sieve the flour, baking powder & baking soda in a bowl.Keep aside.

In another bowl ,combine the condensed milk,mango pulp,butter,powdered sugar and essence.Mix well and keep aside.

Line the muffin moulds with paper cups,grease them with melted butter.

Add the flour mixture and mix gently,using wooden spoon.

Add enough water(around 2 tbsp) to get a batter of dropping consistency.

Pour 1 tbsp of the mixture in each of the greased cup.

Evenly sprinkle choclate chips over each muffin .


Bake in a pre heated oven at 200 degree C for 20 minutes.


Cool slightly and serve.

Tip-Insert a toothpick to check if muffins are baked properly,if toothpick comes out clean muffins are done.

Happy Cooking !!!




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