Sol Kadhi


20180308_032438This is an all time favourite dish of all the malvanis.A meal especially non vegeterian one is incomplete without Sol Kadhi.This can be had as an appetiser in a glass or can be served with steam rice.

Rice,fish curry,fried fish and sol kadhi is a comfort food loved by all malvani.



2 cups grated Coconut.

6 cloves of Garlic.

2 chopped Green chillies.

Salt to taste.

1 tbsp Kokum aagul(juice) or 4 Kokum.

1 tbsp finely chopped corriander leaves.


In a mixie bowl grind together coconut,chillies and garlic, adding 1 cup water.

Pass it through a stainer pressing firmly to extract all the juice.

In this juice add salt,kokum aagul and chopped corriander leaves.

Serve either as an appetiser in glass or with hot steam rice.

Tip-If kokum aagul(juice) is not available,you can add kokum.(crush it with hand after adding to Kadhi)

Happy Cooking !!!


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