Penne in Cheese Sauce

Pasta is one of Shonty’s favourite dish.He can have it any time and in any sauce.

So here I have made a very simple pasta in cheese sauce……


1 Cup pasta.(Any variety of pasta,here I have used Penne.)

2 tbsp Cooked corns.

salt to taste

Pepper powder to taste.

1 tsp Oregano.

For the Cheese Sauce.

1 tbsp Butter.

1 tbsp Maida (Flour)

1 cup Milk.

2 slices of Cheese.


Add pasta and little salt to 4 cups of boiling water.

Cook pasta for 5 mins.Drain in a seive and pass through running cold water.

Keep aside.

In a non stick pan melt butter on a very slow flame.Add maida and roast well till maida is cooked,approximately 3 to 4 mins.

Stiring well add milk little at a time,making sure no lumps are formed.Once the milk comes to boil add pieces of sliced cheese.

Keep stiring,add salt,pepper powder and Oregano.Your cheese sauce is ready.

Add cooked corns and Pasta to the sauce

Mix with light hands,till all the pasta is nicely coated with the sauce.

Serce hot with Garlic bread.

Tip:Other vegetables like lettuce,capsicum,carrots or boiled shredded chicken can also be added to this dish.

Happy Cooking !!!


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