Dal Fry


Have you ever wondered, why your homemade Dal Fry doesn’t taste like the one you get in road side dhaba ,thats because – you don’t have this Recipe!

Jeera rice and Dal fry,is a made in heaven combination…you cant ask for anything more..

So here goes the recipe..


1 cup Mixed dal ( Washed & soaked for an hour and pressure cooked for 3 whistles)

1 packet Maggi bhuna masala (with ginger-garlic)

1 tsp Ghee.

1 tsp Jeera.

3 Green chillies finely chopped.

1/2 tsp Haldi (turmeric) powder.

1 tsp Red Chilli powder.

1 tsp Dhana Jeera powder.

1 tsp Kasuri Methi.

1 tsp Garam masala powder.

1 tbsp Butter.

2 tbsp chopped Corriander leaves.

For the Tempering:(Optional)

1 tsp Oil/Ghee.

1 tsp Jeera.

1/2 tsp Dhana.

1/4 tsp Hing (Asafoetida.)

2 Red chillies.

8 Curry leaves.

8 flakes of Garlic (crushed).)

1/4 tsp Red Chilli powder.


Heat ghee in a kadhai,add jeera,let it splutter then add green chillies.

Add entire packet of  Maggi bhuna masala (with ginger-garlic).

Add chilli powder, haldi powder and dhana jeera powder,mix well and let it cook till oil separates. Add kasuri methi.

Add cooked dal and salt.Mix well.Add butter.

Let one boil come,add garam masala powder and chopped corriander leaves.

Add little water if required, this dal is thick in consistency.

For tempering,heat ghee and all all the items one by one.pour on the dal and keep covered.

Serve hot with Jeera rice,steam rice or paratha of your choice.

Tip:I have used mix dal for this recipe,I buy a packet of mixed dal which has all types of dal in it,if you don’t have it,you can mix together 2 tbsp of each type of dal that you have at home,moong dal,chana dal,toovar dal,urad dal,masoor dal,etc.

If you don’t have maggi bhuna masala,chopped onion+tomatoes +ginger+garlic can be used instead.

Happy Cooking !!!


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