Malvani masala

This is my granny’s (My mom’s mom) recipe.We are using this for ages.My mom used to make it at home,I use the same proportion but get it done from masala factories.You have lots of shops in Parel-lalbaug area,where you can buy the ingredients and get th masala done.I  get it done in Khamkar Masala shop.


1 kg Lal mirchi(Bedgi/Sankeshwari)

500 gms Dhania seeds(Corriander seeds)

125 gms Kalimiri(Black peppercorns).

50 gms Lavang(Cloves)

50 gms Dalchini (Cinnamon)

50 gms Chakraphul ( Star Anise)

50 gms Jaipatri (Mace)

50 gms Shahajeera (Black Cummin seeds)

50 gms Badishep(Fennel)

50 gms Rai (Mustard seeds)

50 gms Khuskhus (Poppy seeds)

50 gms Dagadphul (Black stone flower)

50 gms Tamalpatra (Bay leaf )

25 gms Green Velchi (Green Cardamom)

2 and 1/2 jaiphal.(Nutmeg) .


All the ingredients are cleaned,roasted in little oil and after cooling are grinded to make masala powder.

This Masala is used for most of the malvani preparation like chicken mutton,crabs,shell fish,egg curry and also for vegetarian dishes like kala vatana sambhar,massor aamti,etc.

Happy Cooking !!!


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