Baby Potaoes in Mayonnaise Sauce


This is a yummy side dish,which can be given in tiffin….


15 boiled and peeled Baby potatoes.

1 tbsp Olive oil/Butter.

2 tbsp Mayonnaise sauce.

1/4 tsp Oregano.

1/4 tsp Chilli flakes.

1 tsp Garlic minced.

Salt & Pepper powder to taste.

1 tbsp Cheese grated


Boil and peel baby potatoes and keep aside.


In a pan heat Olive oil/Butter.

Add minced garlic,chilli flakes and oregano.stir well.

Add boiled and peeled baby potatoes.

Stir fry till potatoes turn crisp and brown.Add salt and pepper powder.


Mix well.Add mayonnaise sauce.


Saute till all the potatoes are well coated

Serve as side dish with soup/sandwiches.

Happy Cooking !!!


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