Til Ladoo(Sesame seeds Ladoo)




1/4 kg Polished til.

1/4 kg Chikki Gul(Jaggery)

25 gms Dale.

25 gms roasted,deskined and crushed Shengdane(Groundnuts)

1 tsp Velchi dane(peeled Cardamom).

3 tbsp Ghee.


Dry roast til till they turn light brown in colour,add dale,shengdane and Velchi.Keep aside.


In a thick bottomed pan heat 1 tbsp ghee.Add chopped gul and cook stirring well till gul is completely melted and forms a thick syrup.


In a bowl take cold water and drop a drop of cooked syrup,syrup should form a hard ball.If doesnt form a ball,cook further.

Once the syrup is ready,Add til,mix well.


Remove in a greased plate.

Apply ghee to both trhe hands and make ladoos immediately.

Ladoos have to be made when the mixture is hot or else it will become hard.

Apply sufficient ghee to yours palms to avoid the mixture from  sticking to it.

Once all the ladoos are made,let it cool and store in an airtight container.

Happy Cooking !!!


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