Aloo(Colacasio leaves) chi Bhaji

aloo (4)


Aloo (Colacasio)  leaves are easily available in market,mostly in maharashtrian dominated localities.

There are 2 varieties of leaves available one is used to make bhaji(gravy) and another to make aloo wadis ( Patras).

One used for this dish are light green in colour and small in size.


One used for wadi are dark green in colour and big in size.


2 bunches of Aloo leaves with stems (leaves washed and chopped,stems peeled and chopped)

4 Corn cobs (Cut into 6 pieces)

1 cup mix  Kabuli chana (Chik peas) and Shengdana (Ground nuts) soaked overnight.

2 Green Chillies.

1 Onion chopped.

8 to 10 flakes Garlic.

1/2 tsp Haldi powder.

1/4  tsp Asafoetida.

1 tbsp Oil.

1/2 tbsp Tamarind pulp.

1 tbsp Jaggery (grated)

Salt to taste.

2 tbsp Coconut grated.

2 tsp Jeera.


The day you plan to make aloo,night before keep Kabuli chana (Chik peas) and Shengdana (Ground nuts) for soaking in 2 cups of water.

Soak 10 kokkam in 2 cups of water and apply to your hand before touching aloo,as aloo leaves causes itiching.

Wash aloo leaves,chop finely,chop off  stems,peel to remove outter layer and chop finely.

Same can be done in food processor also.

In a pressure cooker,add chopped leaves,stems,soaked Kabuli chana (Chik peas) and Shengdana (Ground nuts) ,Corn pieces, green chillies,chopped onions and salt.Add 2 cups of water and cook upto 4 whistles.

Keep aside till pressure releases.

In a thick bottom pan heat oil,add asafoetida and chopped Garlic,let it cook till garlic turns light brown,add haldi powder,add cooked aloo mixture.and let simmer for 10 minutes.

Meanwhile make fine paste out of grated coconut and jeera adding 2 tbsp water.

To aloo mixture,add tamarind pulp and grated jaggery, mix well,add cocnut paste,mix well and simmer for another 2 minutes.

Serve hot with steam rice or chapati/bhakri.

Happy Cooking !!!



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