Kesar Badam Lassi.

Kesar Badam Lassi is a rich filling drink made with yogurt and flavoured with  cardamom and kesar as main ingredients.
Almond is used to thicken the drink.

Being a lactose intolerant, I don’t drink Lassi but my son is a big fan of this drink…
This drink soothes your soul during summer…so do give it a try…


1 cup thick Curd.

1 tbsp  Almonds paste(soaked in hot water for ½ hour,deskinned and grinded to paste)

2 tsp Sugar.

2 tbsp Cream.

¼ tsp Elaichi powder.

4 strands of Kesar.

2 cubes of ice ( crushed)

Sliced nuts,rose petals and kesar for garnish.


Mix all the above ingredients in a blender and blend well.

Pour in a glass,garnish with sliced nuts,kesar and rose petals,serve immediately.

Happy Cooking !!!


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