Puri Chat


chaat recipes are ultra-popular recipes across cities in india especially with younger generations. One such simple, tasty and popular chaat recipes is puri chaat…


1/2 cup chopped Tomato.

1/2 cup chopped Onion.

1/2 cup chopped Potatoes(Boiled,peeled and chopped)

1/2 cup Boiled sprouted Moongs.

1/4 cup chopped Corriander Leaves.

2 tbsp Meetha chutney.

2 tbsp Mint Chutney.

1/2 cup Nylon Sev

2 tbsp Pomegranate Seeds.(Optional)

1 packet Pani puri ka puris.

1/4 tsp Chat masala.

Salt to taste.


In a bowl mix together chopped tomatoes,onions,potatoes and moong,sprinkle chat masala and salt.
Mix well.

In a plate arrange puris,poke and open them to make an incersion.
Fill the puris with the prepared mixture,add meetha and mint chutney.

Sprinkle sev and chopped coriander leaves,garnish with pomegranate seeds.
Serve immediately.

Tip:Beaten sweet curd can also be added to this dish to make dahi puri chat.

Happy Cooking!!!


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