Bhakri (Gujrati Style)

Bhakri is a typical gujrati dish made from wheat flour.Pressure is applied when cooking bhakri  so that the insides get cooked evenly and bhakri becomes crispy.I have learned this from my colleague Bhavik Mehta’s wife Rajal Mehta,her one more delicious dish is Sev Tamatar….which I am going to post soon,thanks Rajal for the yummy dishes.Continue reading “Bhakri (Gujrati Style)”

Khaproli with Ras.

khaproli is a thick dosa,like amboli made from mixture of various dals and rice,traditionally khaproli ia made on khapar,a griddle made from mud,thus the name khaproli. Mud griddle gives it a distinct flavour and taste.It is very spongy in texture hence usually served cut into peices soaked in sweet coconut milk,made using jaggery and mildlyContinue reading “Khaproli with Ras.”

Besan Poli (Tomato Omelete)

Easy to make tasty dish,omelete without eggs. Ingredients: 1/2  cup Besan. 1/4 cup  Rice aata 1/2  cup  chopped Tomato 1/2 cup  chopped Onion 1/4 tspn Ajwain 1 tspn chili powder 1/2 tspn Dhana Jeera powder 2 tbsp chopped coriander leaves A pinch turmeric Oil for shallow frying Salt to taste. Method: Mix all the ingredientsContinue reading “Besan Poli (Tomato Omelete)”