khaproli is a thick dosa made from mixture of various dals,traditionally served with sweet milk made from jaggery and coconut milk.


2 cups Rice

1 cup Chana dal

1 cup Urad dal

1 tbsp Methi seeds

1 tbsp Jeera

Salt  to taste.

Oil for smearing

Method :

Soak the rice, dals,jeera and the methi seeds separately overnight.

Grind them in to fine paste and mix together. Set aside for 6-8 hrs and allow the batter to ferment.

Usually a special griddle made up of clay is used to make khaproli.


I dont have one,so I have used  Bhide , same can be made on a non stick pan also.

Cut one onion into half and pierce a fork in it.Use this to grease the griddle with oil.Alternately a tissue paper dipped in oil can also be used.

Heat the griddle on high heat,stir and pour the batter spreading on the griddle in a circular motion.(from center of the griddle ).


Cover and cook on slow flame,turn it to cook on other side.

Repeat the process to make another khaproli.

Serve hot with accompaniment of your choice.

Happy Cooking !!!


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