Besan Ladoo


Besan ladoo is a traditional Indian sweet dish,made out of roasted  Bengal gram flour (besan) mixed with ghee and sugar. Besan laddu is a tasty and healthy dish,this ladoo simply melts in your mouth.


1 cup  besan (Bengal gram flour) 

3/4 cup powdered sugar

3/4 cup  ghee

1/4 tsp Jaiphal (Nutmeg powder)

2 tbsp Milk (hot)

10 Badam/Pista thinly sliced.


Melt the ghee in a thick bottom pan, add the gram flour and cook over a low flame stirring continuously till it is golden brown in colour.


Sprinkle hot milk on the roasted besan,mix well.

Remove from the fire and pour onto a plate (thali). Cool completely.

Once completely cooled,add sugar and nutmeg powder,mix well.

Divide into 12 equal portions and shape into laddus.Decorate with almond/pista slice.

Place in a serving plate & serve.

Tips:At one stage the flour starts browning at the bottom of the pan, so keep stirring carefully without letting it burn.

If not roasted properly, then the raw smell of besan and taste of besan will not be pleasant.

Ghee is the only flavor that brings taste to the ladoos, so never reduce it than mentioned

Happy Cooking !!!


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