Instant Focaccia


This is an easy to make mouth watering dish loved by kids.


4 Hot dog buns.

8 flakes of Garlic.

1/2 cup finely chopped Tomatoes.

1 tbsp Tomato Ketchup.

1/4 tsp Chilli powder.

1/4 tsp Sugar.

1 tsp butter.

2 tbsp Olive oil/refined Oil.

1 tsp Oregano.

1/2 cup vegetables(Corn,mushrooms,capsicum,caramalisez onions)

1/2 cup grated cheese.

Salt to taste.


Heat butter in a pan,add garlic fry for a minute,now add chopped tomatoes,chilli powder,salt,tomato ketchup and sugar,mix well,add 2 tbsp water,cover and cook for 2 minutes or till tomatoes are cooked properly.Remove in a plate and keep aside.

Take 4 hot dog buns,cut it into half and then cut it lengthwise.



In a frying pan heat little olive oil,roast one side of bun till crisp.



Remove,top with made tomato sauce and any vegetable of your choice,I have used boiled corns here.


Sprinkle oregano and cheese.

Place it back in frying pan with filling on upper side,cover and cook till cheese melts.

Remove in a serving plate and serve hot.

Happy Cooking!!!










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