Ambyache Sasav/Rayte (Ripe Mango cooked in Coconut gravy)

Sasav or Raita is a traditional malvani dish,this is made of small variety of junglee mangoes,known as raival mangoes,they are hairy and are easily available in Konkan.Now a days during mango season you can get them easily in local market of Mumbai also.This sweet and tangy dish goes on well with rice,phulka or rice bhakri.Continue reading “Ambyache Sasav/Rayte (Ripe Mango cooked in Coconut gravy)”

Gavthi Methi chi Bhaji (Baby Fenugreek Vege)

Gavthi methi or baby methi is easily available in market in Mumbai,You will usually see vegetable vendors from Vasai selling it.This variant of methi is grown in sand near sea shore and is less bitter in taste than regular methi.This vegetable needs to be washed thoroughly before cooking to remove sand from it.As a kidContinue reading “Gavthi Methi chi Bhaji (Baby Fenugreek Vege)”

Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup

Sweet corn is one of the most popular chinese soups. A must try for everyone who loves sweet corn. It is mildly spiced soup, easy to make and does not require too many ingredients.    Ingredients:   1 Tin Sweet corn (Cream style).   1 Tin(measured with the same tin) Vegetable stock or plain water.Continue reading “Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup”

Dudhi (Bottle Gourd)& Moong Dal Bhaji

  In my entire family,no one is fond of dudhi,never had it as a kid also,as my mom never made any dish using dudhi….But one fine day,I tasted dudhi bahji in one of my colleagues tiffin for first time ever,and just loved it…thanks to his wife Ms Rashni Menkudale,I got the recipe and tried itContinue reading “Dudhi (Bottle Gourd)& Moong Dal Bhaji”

Shengdana Chutney (Groundnut Vege)

  This recipe belongs to Mrs Sangita Satpute,my colleague’s mom.I tested this dish in his tiffin,and loved it instantly..Its an easy to make awesome tasty dish.I have made some changes in the original recipe to suit my pallet. Ingredients: 1 cup Groundnuts.Washed,soaked for 4 hours and drained 1 1/2 cup Onions,finely chopped. 1 tsp MalvaniContinue reading “Shengdana Chutney (Groundnut Vege)”