Sweet Corn Vegetable Soup


Sweet corn is one of the most popular chinese soups. A must try for everyone who loves sweet corn. It is mildly spiced soup, easy to make and does not require too many ingredients. 




1 Tin Sweet corn (Cream style).


1 Tin(measured with the same tin) Vegetable stock or plain water.


2 tbsp Cornflour mixed with 1/4 cup water.


1/4 cup chopped and boiled mixed vegetables.(Carrots,beans,corn).


1/2 tsp Vinegar.


Salt to taste.



In a thick bottom pan,add 1 tin of sweet corn and same amount of vegetable stock or water.


Mix well and let it come to boil.


Once it starts boiling add vegetables and salt.


Cook for 5 minutes,add cornflour dissolved in water,mix well and cook for another 2 minutes or till soup thickens .


Add vinegar and mix well.


Happy Cooking !!!



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