Sprouted Moong Chila(Dosa)


Sprouts are a great source of protein,Iron and vitamin C.This is an easy to make healthy snacks.


2 cups Sprouted Moong.

2 tbsp Rice.(washed,soaked for 2 hours and drained)

2 Green chilli.

1 inch Ginger piece.

1 tsp Jeera.

Salt to taste.

2 tbsp chopped Corriander leaves.

4 tbsp Oil.


In a mixie jar,mix together sprouted moongs and rice,along with green chilli,ginger and garlic paste.

IMG_20200725_020921Adding little water,grind to a smooth paste,consistency should be like dosa batter.

Remove in a bowl,add salt and chopped corriander leaves,mix well.

Heat and grease a non-stick tava (griddle) with a little oil. Pour a small ladleful of the batter on the tava and spread it evenly by moving the pan in a circular motion to make a chila .


Drizzle a little oil on the sides and allow it to cook. When the chila is lightly browned, flip to the other side and cook again till it is golden brown in colour.

Repeat to make  more chilas. Serve hot with the  chutney of your choice.

Happy Cooking !!!


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