Chicken Makhani/Makhanwala (Butter Chicken)

This is a mouth watering restaurant style secret recipe of  butter chicken or chicken makhani,dedicated to my food production sir from my catering college,Mr Prasad Phadke.He was basically from Pune staying in Mumbai as pg,he was more of a friend to few of us than a professor.He used to visit my home often as heContinue reading “Chicken Makhani/Makhanwala (Butter Chicken)”

Oregano flavoured Cheesy Mayonnaise Corn

This recipe is dedicated to my lovely neice Sanjana,who is a big big foodie,loves to eat as well as cook (recently cultivated hobby )For sometime now she has been following my blog closely and experimenting  one dish every day.Some of my dishes  like sheera,bharli vangi,sevaiya kheer,aloo chi bhaji, plain yellow dal,pulao are her favourites…not toContinue reading “Oregano flavoured Cheesy Mayonnaise Corn”