Oreo Biscuit Cake

It is instant 5 mins cake,batter is made from crushed cookies and milk.All cookies are  made with flour,sugar and raising agents and flavourings,so u already have all most  all ingredients required for a cake.You can decorate this cake with any type of icing,like ganache or butter icing,or just dust it with icing sugar or drinkingContinue reading “Oreo Biscuit Cake”

Chocolate Walnut Brownie

I feel it’s an art to bake a moist and gooey chocolate brownie and I am glad I have mastered it. This is a full proof eggless recipe,which never goes wrong. Along with walnuts, chunks of dark or milk chocolate can also be added to make it more chocolatey.   So here goes the recipe.Continue reading “Chocolate Walnut Brownie”