Chun Kaap/Narlachi Wadi (Coconut Barfi)

I have memories of having these kaap as a kid, my mom and grand mom used to make it , my masi makes varieties of vadis using potato, beetrot, carrots, and various essence. This was my first attempt making these, and they turned out great. This is a basic recipe simple and yummy flavoured only withContinue reading “Chun Kaap/Narlachi Wadi (Coconut Barfi)”

kurmura Ladoo (Puffed Rice Sweet Balls)

This dish has many of my childhood memories attached to it.My mom used to always make different type of chikkis, peanuts and sesame, but this Ladoo made of kurmura was my all time favourite.Since long was planning to try my hand on it,finally tried it today and result was same as my mom’s Ladoo. Ingredients:Continue reading “kurmura Ladoo (Puffed Rice Sweet Balls)”

Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)

This is a typical malwani fish gravy recipe, here fish is substituted with drumsticks. This is made especially in month of Shravan, when non veg is not cooked in most of the houses,people satisfy their urge of eating fish by making this dish. I have got a gift from my mom, fresh drumsticks from herContinue reading “Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)”