Chocolate Cups.


These are edible cups made from  chocolates,these can be used to serve ice creams,mousse,fruit salads….These are not very easy but can be perfected with practice, you need to handle them delicately,or else they will break up easily  while demoulding.


1/2 slab Chocolate compound

6 silicone moulds.

Method : 

Cut chocolate into small piece’s. Place it in microwave safe bowl.


Microwave  At high speed for 1 min.Remove and mix vigorously.


Take Clean  silicone  moulds.


Put around 3 tbsp melted Chocolate  in a silicone  mould,


Rotate the cup in such a way that chocolate should cover all sides of the cup.


Turn it upside down to drain all the excess chocolate  out from the cup.

keep in fridge for 5 mins.

Remove  and repeat the process.


Keep it in fridge for another  20 minutes.

Finish all the moulds in same manner.


After 20 mins remove  the moulds  from fridge,hold the mould in one hand and gently peel of the mould from the chocolate cup.


Chocolate  cup  is ready.



Remove  all the cups from the mould.

keep in refrigerator.

just before serving  remove and fill with desired feeling and serve cold.


I have used these cups to serve home made mango icecream (

Happy Cooking !!!


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A little blog about ordinary and extra ordinary cooking that I do on daily basis for me and my loving family,I am a working woman pursuing an exiting career in aviation industry,with a ten year old kid.. with whatever little time I have spare in my hand after doing day to day chores......I utilise it for cooking and baking......It refreshes me completely.

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