Hirvi Mirchi Che Lonche (Green Chilli Pickle)


I am not very fond of pickles,but i love making them.Chilli pickle goes very well with Alu paratha….i have a child hood memory of having alu paratha and chilli pickle at road side dhaba’s in Punjab,during our tours to Kashmir.So here goes the recipe.I have used ready made pickle masala,u get 2 variants in it Kepra and Bedekar,I personally prefer Kepra.


300 gm Green Chilli (long light green,mild spicy variety)


4 Lemon cut into small pieces.

50 gms Ginger cut into small pieces.

150 gms Salt.

juice of 4 Lemon.

200 gms Green chilli pickle masala.


2 cups Oil

1 tbsp Rai.

1/8 tsp Asafoetida


Wash green chillies,lemon and ginger,wipe them dry. Now chop them into small pieces.




In a bowl,mix everything together.


Add salt and pickle masala, squeeze in the lemon juice. mix well.



Now heat the oil till it smokes,add asafoetida and mustard,switch off the gas and let it cool,completely.

IMAG3724Once cool,add to prepared mixture,mix well.

Take a clean, dry, air tight glass jar and pour the pickle into it.

Ensure atleast 1 inch oil is floating above the pickle .


Cover and store in a cool place,let it stand atleast for a month,before consuming.


This pickle can be stored in clean  dry place  for years.

Tip:Always Use a clean dry jar  and spoon.

Happy Cooking ! ! !


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