Gavar and Ratalu bhaji (Cluster Beans and Sweet Potato Vege )

This is a simple vegetable dish which goes well with phulka. Ratalu adds a little sweet taste to this dish which is balanced by using ginger-garlic green chillies paste.Also it has a distinct flavour of Ajwain. Ingredients: 1 cup Gavar (Cluster Beans) washed,de stringed and cut into 1 inch peices. 1/2 cup cubbed Ratalu (SweetContinue reading “Gavar and Ratalu bhaji (Cluster Beans and Sweet Potato Vege )”

Methi chi Bhaji (Fenugreek Leaves Vegetables )

Green leafy vegetables are very nutritious.Methi leaves are used to make the parathas, muthias,and other various dishes….Today I am posting a very simple recipe of methi,which goes well with chapati or bhakri,but I enjoy it with steamed rice….yum ! Here goes the recipe……potatoes or soaked yellow mung dal can also be added to this dish.Continue reading “Methi chi Bhaji (Fenugreek Leaves Vegetables )”

Bhadang (Spicy Mixture of Puffed Rice)

Bhadang is a spicy Chivda (mixture ) made of puffed rice.This is a speciality of kolhapur.Some people use kolhapur kanda launch chutney instead of chilli powder to spice up this dish.I usually make it in a big batch and store it in an air tight container. I also use this as base to make bhelContinue reading “Bhadang (Spicy Mixture of Puffed Rice)”