Alshi (Flax Seeds) Chutney

Alshi is very rich in calcium and has many health benefits.Nutritionist recommend 1 tbsp of these seeds daily to meet your nutritional requirements.They are good for cholesterol,are fibrous and are beneficial in controlling diabetes . initially you will have little difficulty in cultivating the taste for it…But after a while you will surely love it.HereContinue reading “Alshi (Flax Seeds) Chutney”

Batata Kachrya (Spicy Potato Vegetable)

This is one of my favourite potato dish.I have childhood memories of one of my aunt making this for me everytime I used to visit her house.Goes very well with meetha dal and rice,though I┬ácan have it on its own also.This dish requires little extra oil to give crispiness to potatoes.I usually let it cookContinue reading “Batata Kachrya (Spicy Potato Vegetable)”