Vali chi Bhaji (Long Beans Vegetable)

Presently I am in Goa,at my mom’s house,she has a well cultivated terrace garden which has variety of fruits and vegetables.Vali or long beans is one of  the vegetable grown abundantly in her garden. Usually these beans are not cut but broken into 1 inch peices with hand and the tender seeds are also usedContinue reading “Vali chi Bhaji (Long Beans Vegetable)”

Paplet Curry (Pomfret Curry)

Malvan being a coastal area, coconut and fish along with rice forms our staple food,our fish curries are made in coconut milk, when combined with rice is a combination to die for.The distinct flavour to this curry comes from the use of coconut oil. It  go well with rice,chapati,bhakri,ghavana almost everything……and tastes best if hadContinue reading “Paplet Curry (Pomfret Curry)”