Vali chi Bhaji (Long Beans Vegetable)

Presently I am in Goa,at my mom’s house,she has a well cultivated terrace garden which has variety of fruits and vegetables.Vali or long beans is one of  the vegetable grown abundantly in her garden.

Usually these beans are not cut but broken into 1 inch peices with hand and the tender seeds are also used for making vegetable.

This is a simple vegetable made using green chillies and coconut,which goes very well with chapati,bhakri or simple plain Dal rice.

Potatoes or sweet potatoes are also added to these beans .


2 cup Vali (long beans) washed,and broken into 1 inch pieces.

1  Onion finely chopped.

2  Green Chillies  (cut into peices)

1 tsp Mustard seeds.

1/4 tsp Asafoetida.

1/2 tsp Turmeric powder.

2 tbsp grated Coconut.

1/4 tsp Sugar.

1 tbsp Oil.

Salt to taste.


Heat oil in a pan,add mustard seed and asafoetida.Add onion and green chillies and saute well.


Add vali, salt and turmeric powder.

Add 2 tbsp water.

Mix well,cover and cook for 5 to 7 minutes.

Add grated coconut and sugar.Mix well.

Cover and cook for another minute.

Remove in a serving bowl and serve hot with Chappati or roti of your choice.

Happy Cooking !!!


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