Golyachi Aamti (Besan koftas in coconut curry)

Malvan being a coastal area, coconut is used mostly in everything,our curries are made mostly in coconut milk, and any of this curry when combined with rice is a combination to die for. This dish is also a coconut based gravy which has koftas known as Gole in Marathi made up of Besan and hasContinue reading “Golyachi Aamti (Besan koftas in coconut curry)”

Neer Phanas Kachrya (Bread fruit Vegetable)

In continuation to my posts from my mom’s house in Goa,today’s specialty was Neer Phanas Kachrya. Neer Phanas is also known as bread fruit.Usually we make kaaps as side dish from it. My mom has a huge tree of Neer Phanas in her back yard and we get a good yeild of Neer Phanas everyContinue reading “Neer Phanas Kachrya (Bread fruit Vegetable)”