Prawns Pulao

This is a quick and simple recipe for prawn pulao with coconut milk and flavored with mild spices.


1 cup Basmati rice.(soaked for 20 minutes)

1 cup Water.

1 cup Thick Coconut Milk.

15 Prawns, cleaned,peeled and deveined.

1 tsp Cumin seeds.

2 Bay leaves.

6 Whole Black Pepper Corns.

6 Cloves.

3 Cinnamon Sticks.

1 tsp Turmeric powder.

1 tsp Red chilli powder.

2 tbsp. Oil

1 tbsp crushed Ginger, garlic and green chilli.

½ cup Onion, sliced.

¼ cup Tomato, chopped

¼ cup Coriander leaves

¼ cup Barista(fried Onion).


Clean,peel and devein prawns,apply little salt and turmeric powder and keep aside.

In a pan heat oil and add cumin seeds, bay leaves, cloves, peppercorns, cinnamon sticks.

Add onion.Saute well until the onions are golden brown in colour.

Add the crushed ginger, garlic and green chilli,saute well.

Add turmeric powder, red chilli powder and stir until the raw smell of the ginger-garlic goes away.

Add the chopped tomatoes and prawns, stir fry on high flame for 2 minutes.

Then add the soaked rice and stir gently.

Add hot water to this and boil on high flame,add coconut milk.

Once the water on the surface dries up, lower the flame and cover with a lid and cook for 8 minutes.

Remove in serving bowl and Garnish with coriander leaves and barista,serve hot.

Happy Cooking!!!



Published by Sameera's Kitchen

A little blog about ordinary and extra ordinary cooking that I do on daily basis for me and my loving family,I am a working woman pursuing an exiting career in aviation industry,with a ten year old kid.. with whatever little time I have spare in my hand after doing day to day chores......I utilise it for cooking and baking......It refreshes me completely.

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