Chocolate and Salted Caramel Milk Shake

Milk shake is a cold sweet beverage loved by all age group,prepared from milk and mostly fruit pulps or flavoured ice creams or cocoa.

This one here,I have made a bit differently by using drinking chocolate and salted caramel sauce.It has a distinct flavor loved by all especially kids.

Here,I have used a fristed cup cake for garnishing,if not available this drink can be served without it or topped with chocolate/vanilla ice cream or whipped cream and some edible confetti.

This drink can be served with a meal or as a relaxing drink for scorching summer heat.


1 glass Milk (cold).

4 cubes of Ice.

2 tbsp Salted Caramel Sauce.

2 tbsp Drinking Chocolate.

1 frosted Chocolate Cup Cake for garnishing.


In a pan heat milk till it comes to boil,add drinking chocolate and caramel sauce,mix well,let it boil for 2 minutes.Keep it aside,let it cool completely.

In a mason jar,place the ice cubes,pour in the cooled milk mixture,top up with frosted cup cake and serve immediately.

Tip:Recipe for salted caramel sauce:

Happy Cooking!!!


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