Karari Roti

Karari roti is a very crispy rumali roti which is served in many restaurants mostly dhabas as a starter or appetizer. This is a very crispy and is usually had on its own without any side dish as it is topped with butter and spice mix.


1/2 cup Maida.

1/2 cup Aata.

1 tsp Salt.

1 tbsp Oil.

Water for kneading.

2 tbsp Butter melted.

1 tsp Chilli Powder.

1 tsp Chat Masala.

Some zero no sev and chopped Coriander leaves for garnishing.


In a bowl add maida,aata and salt,mix well. Add water as required to make a soft dough,brush with little oil,cover and keep aside for 10 minutes.

Now divide the dough in 4 equal parts.

Take a portion and make a ball.
Now dust flour and roll it as thin as possible using a rolling pin.

Take an aluminium kadai or any large round vessel and place it on the stove upside down. Heat it for 5 minutes on medium heat

Brush the Kadai with some oil.
Gently place the prepared thin roti on it and let it cook on low medium heat for 30 seconds.

Use a tong to loosen the sides of the roti.
Cook the roti by pressing it using a cloth.

Once crisp,Take it out gently.

Repeat the process and prepare all the roti.

Take melted butter and add chilli powder and chat masala to it. Mix it well.Apply this mixture on the karari roti.

Sprinkle sev and chopped coriander on it.

Serve immediately.

Happy Cooking!!!


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