Baked Sweet Potato Fries.

crispy baked sweet potato fries with ketchupThese sweet potato fries will leave u wanting for more… They are salty-sweet and crunchy. Baked sweet potato fries have been one of my favorite snacks.Sweet Potatoes are Nutritious,unlike regular deep-fried French fries, these baked sweet potato fries have a lot of redeeming nutrition properties. Sweet potatoes are alsoContinue reading “Baked Sweet Potato Fries.”

Pink Guava Icecream.

Homemade guava ice cream turns out very creamy, flavourful and delicious. Here I have used Pink Guava Pulp which is easily available in market,instead fresh pulp can also be used,if using fresh pulp make sure to strain it before using to remove the seeds. Pink Guava ice cream available in Apsara ice creams is oneContinue reading “Pink Guava Icecream.”

Gavar Bhoplyachi Bhaji.

Gavar (Cluster beans) and lal bhopla (pumpkin) sabji is a simple and healthy accompaniment for rotis or rice. The sweetness of the Pumpkin balances the slight bitterness of the cluster beans.This is a simple Maharashtrian preparation made with use of basic spices. Ingredients: 2 Cups Gavar strings removed and broken into pieces or chopped. 1Continue reading “Gavar Bhoplyachi Bhaji.”

Marble Cake.

Today my blog is 9 years and 476 recipes old!What else should I share today other than cake,my blogging journey had started with a cake recipe,one of my favourite…Orange cake. So today let’s bake a marble cake to mark this milestone… A marble cake is a cake with a streaked appearance (like marble) achieved by very lightly blending lightContinue reading “Marble Cake.”