French Fries

French fries, or simply fries ,chips or finger chips (, are long strips. of potatoes deep fried and mildly flavoured with salt and pepper.
There are various ways of making hotel style and McDonald style french fries,but this is a very simple way of making home style french fries…

I have a fond childhood memory attached to this dish, during those days every Sunday a hindi movie was telecasted on Doordarshan and my mom used to make a big batch of these finger chips to snack on with the movie..

So here goes the simple recipe…


3 Big size long Potatoes.

Salt and Pepper as per taste.

Oil for deep frying.


Rinse the potatoes well in water and peel them.
Now slice each potato in slices having 1 cm thickness. Before slicing, you can remove the top and bottom part of the potato to get a square or rectangle shaped potato.
Then begin to cut them in sticks having 1 cm width, rinse these potato sticks for a couple of times in water to get rid of the starch.
In a bowl add some water and salt,keep the potatoes soaked in it.
Just before frying drain the potatoes in a colander.
Rinse the potatoes with running water. Drain all the water.
Then place them on clean kitchen cotton napkin.
Place the second half of the napkin above and press, pat and dry the potatoes. The potatoes have to be completely dried before you begin to fry them.
Heat oil in a kadhai. Keep the flame to medium-low or medium.Now add the potatoes in the oil. You can fry in two to three batches. Do not over crowd the kadhai.
Fry till the potatoes get cooked,and slightly golden in colour from outside.
Remove with a slotted spoon. place them on paper tissues again to remove the extra oil.
While still hot, sprinkle with some salt and pepper powder,toss the bowl to mix them well.
Serve immediately with some any dip or sauce of your choice.

Happy Cooking!!!


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