Roasted Tomato Chutney.

This is one of the most flavourful and tasty chutney made with tomatoes.
It is made by mashing the roasted veggies in mortal and pastel ,which incorporates all the flavour s together.

Highlight of this dish is the burnt or charcoaly flavour which comes from roasting of tomatoes, garlic and green chilli.

Can be served as a side dish with roti,paratha,dal rice or khichadi.

I personally love it with ghavna/neer dosa.


3 tomatoes.

2 Green Chillies.

1 pod of Garlic.

¾ tsp Cumin Powder.

Salt to taste.

2 tbsp Coriander Leaves(finely chopped).


Firstly, place a wire mesh on flame and place tomatoes,chillies and garlic on it.
roast on medium flame turning all the sides.

Cook until the skin is burnt and softened from inside.

keep aside until it gets cooled completely.
Once everything is cooled, peel the skin.
transfer the roasted tomato, garlic and green chilli into mortal and pastel,mash well, you can alternatively use a chopper for a coarse texture.
Now add cumin powder, salt and chopped coriander leaves.Mix well.

Serve as an accompaniment with rice,paratha or roti.

Happy Cooking!!!


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