Idli fry Restaurant Style.

This idli fry is the way we get it in the South Indian restaurants in Mumbai. the idli are cut into strips and then deep fried till crisp.
Here I have cut them into half.
To make this dish, its advisable to use leftover idlis which have been refrigerated,or else they will break in the oil while frying and absorb a lot of oil .
If you don’t want to deep fry then you can also pan fry or shallow fry the idlis,I have posted that recipe before


6 Idlis cut into half.

Oil for frying.


Cut the refrigerated idlis into half.
Heat oil in a kadai,addd the idli and deep fry till light golden or slightly more.

Ideally, the fried idli ieces should be crisp from outside and soft from inside.
Remove on absorbant paper and serve immediately with chutney or ketch up.

Tip:Chilli powder or Pav bhaji Masala can also be sprinkled on fried idlis before serving.

Happy Cooking!!!


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