Appam are tasty lacy soft hoppers made from a ground, fermented rice and coconut batter, traditionally served with Veg stew.

Traditionally appam are fermented with toddy( local alcoholic drink made from from palm or coconut flower).

As toddy is not available everywhere easily, dry active yeast is used as a substitute. .

This appam recipe is made without yeast.


2 cups regular white Rice.

1/2 cup Poha .

1/2 cup freshly grated Coconut.

1/2 tsp Methi seeds.

2 tbsp Sugar.

Salt to taste.

1 cup Tender Coconut Water.

Oil for smearing.


Rinse the rice and methi seeds together for a couple of times.
Soak rice in water for 5 hours.
Drain and add to the grinder,also add grated coconut, poha (soaked and drained),sugar, salt and tender coconut water.

Grind to a smooth flowing batter.Pour the batter in a large bowl or pan. Cover and keep aside for fermenting for 10 to 12 hours, depending on the temperature conditions.
The batter will rise and increase in volume the next day.Add little water if required to have a runny consistency.

Heat an appam pan,smear some oil on the pan.
Spread a ladle full of the batter.

Turn and tilt the pan so as to spread the batter.

Cover the pan and let the appam cook. The base should become nicely light golden.

Make all appam this way.

Serve immediately with vegetable stew.

Happy Cooking!!!


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