Pink Guava Icecream.

Homemade guava ice cream turns out very creamy, flavourful and delicious.

Here I have used Pink Guava Pulp which is easily available in market,instead fresh pulp can also be used,if using fresh pulp make sure to strain it before using to remove the seeds.

Pink Guava ice cream available in Apsara ice creams is one of my favourite,so this was long awaited in my to do list…

Sprinkling salt and Chilli powder brings out all the magic…

This recipe belongs to my bestie Mrs Priti Tarale who makes awesome and very flavorful ice creams.

With ongoing summer,why not try this at home?

Here goes the recipe..


1 cup Whipping cream.

1 cup Milk.

1/4 cup Condensed Milk.

3 tbsp Powdered Sugar.

3 tbsp Milk Powder.

1/4 cup Pink Guava Pulp.

Chilli Powder and Salt for sprinkling on top.


Here I have used non dairy whipping cream.

This cream can be stored in deep fridger for 6 months,scrape out as required.

Refrigerate a bowl and blades of electric beater/whisk for 10 minutes.

Once cold add cream to the bowl along with sugar, condensed milk and milj powder.

Using hand mixer,beat it till stiff peaks are formed.

When you turn the bowl upside down,if the cream doesn’t fall down that means it’s ready,dont beat further or else it will curdle.

Now add milk and red guava pulp,mix well.

Pour in an air tight container and keep in deep freezer for 5 to 6 hours or overnight.

Once set scoop out in a bowl, sprinkle some chilli powder and salt and serve immediately.

Happy Cooking!!!


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