Jini Dosa

They say “You can take Mumbaikar out of Mumbai but you can’t take Mumbai out of a Mumbaikar”……so true na.

3 years in Pune and I was so very much missing this popular dosa from khau gali outside Mithibai College…so Ordered it in one of the south Indian outlet in a mall…but was very much disappointed,so finally made it at home and my soul was satisfied.😀

Now this dosa is made once every fortnight in my kitchen 😀


½ cup Dosa Batter.

1 tsp Butter.

2 tbsp Onion (finely chopped).

2 tbsp Cabbage (thinly sliced).

2 tbsp Capsicum (finely chopped).

2 tbsp Tomatoes (finely chopped).

2 tbsp Beetroot/Carrot (grated).

1 tbsp Coriander Leaves (finely chopped).

½ tsp Schezwan Chutney.

2 tsp Tomato Sauce.

1tsp Mayonnaise.

¼ tsp Pav Bhaji Masala.

1/8 tsp Chat Masala.

2 tbsp Mozzarella/ Cheddar Cheese (grated).


Cut all the vegetables and keep ready.

Pour a ladle full of dosa batter on hot tawa and spread gently.
simmer for a minute, allowing dosa to cook.
now spread butter evenly keeping the flame on low.

Add tomato sauce, Schezwan chutney, mayonnaise and pav bhaji masala.

Mix well and spread evenly on the dosa.

Now add, cabbage,onion, tomatoes,capsicum and beetroot, sprinkle chat masala,mix well and spread the stuffing covering the entire dosa.

Let it cook for few minutes,now add cheese and chopped coriander leaves.cook till dosa turns crisp and cheese melts completely.

Cut the dosa into thin strips using a pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Roll each strip tightly.

Place in a serving plate and sprinkle some onion,grated cheese and chopped coriander leaves.
Serve the jini dosa rolls with coconut chutney.

Tips:1.You can add less or more of the various sauces.

2.You can add less or more of the veggies as required.

3.Spring onions can also be added instead of onions.

4.If using non stick griddle, remove dosa on a chopping board before cutting,if using iron griddle cutting can be done on the griddle itself.

Happy Cooking!!!


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