kokum Mojito.

This special fruit Kokam, is widely found around the Western Ghats of India. It is fondly used to make Sharbat and a variety of other Indian preparations.

Here is a delicious Kokam Mojito mocktail recipe perfect for the summers or as a fun addition to your dinner parties.
Here we are using ready-made kokum sharbat,it has a deep red hue and has a sour flavour.

So lets sip on this beautiful and cool summer drink.


30 ml Kokam Syrup (Sharbat)

20 ml Lemon Juice.

150 ml Soda.

6-7 Mint Leaves.

1 pinch Black Salt .


Muddle the mint leaves in a glass.

Add in the syrup, lemon juice, black salt and stir.

Top up with the Soda and stir again.
Add lots of ice and serve chilled.

Happy Cooking!!!


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