Guava Juice.

My soul sister my friend from Mumbai visited us for a few days to celebrate my son’s 20th birthday…it’s a ritual to have a one day trip whenever she visits…so this time it was lonavala….we had a lovely time….streets of lonavala were full of vendors selling pink guava.

So I couldn’t resist myself from buying a few…

That’s how this recipe gets posted today….Pink Guava Juice.


250 gms or 2 cups chopped Guava.

1 cup Water add as required.

4 tbsp Sugar.

2 tbsp Lemon juice.

Salt and Chilli powder as per taste.


Rinse the guavas very well in water. Chop in small pieces and add to a large blender jar along with sugar.You can peel them if you like.
Add little water and blend the guavas to a smooth pulp. Chop the guavas in small pieces so that they grind or blend faster and the seeds are not ground.

Blend in batches if the blender size is small.

Add the prepared pulp to a medium mesh strainer placed on top of a bowl.
Using a spoon stir the pulp, so that the smooth pulp is extracted in the bowl.
Add salt,chilli powder and lemon juice,mix well.

Add 1 cup cold water to the prepared guava pulp in the bowl. Stir to combine.
Pour the juice in glasses with ice and serve guava juice immediately.

Tip:You can add a small piece of beetroot or a drop of edible pink colour to get a bright colour..

Also soda can be added instead of water just before serving for some fizz.

Happy Cooking!!!

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