Masala Kaju.

I am an ardent fan of cricket,during IPL days I don’t miss a single ball from Mumbai Indians match and watching match is my favorite me time…so on match day, I usually stir up a mocktail with some appetizer and enjoy my evening.

Masala kaju is my favorite appetizer to go with the mocktail, it’s easy to make and tastes delicious…


15 Cashwnuts.

1/2 tsp Oil.

Pinch of Red Chilli Powder.

Pinch of Chat Masala.

Pinch of salt.


Heat Oil in a pan.

Add cashew nuts and roast on low heat until golden.
Add salt,red chilli powder and chaat masala to the cashew nuts and mix well.

Serve Immediately with any kind of mocktail or Cocktail.

Tip:In same way you can make pepper kaju,by seasoning cashewnuts with only salt and black pepper powder.

Happy Cooking!!!


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