Sweet Potato Tikki.

Sweet Potato,ratalu or shakarkandi is one of my favorite root vegetable.

We usually have it boiled with some salt,It also goes well with cluster beans .

All potato dishes like tikkis and cutlets can be made using Sweet Potato.  

My mom has a beautiful terrace garden in Goa,where she grows all types of vegetables,recently she couriered me a big sweet potato from her garden along with some other vegetables..

So I made this long awaited dish…


250 gms Sweet Potatoes.

2 tbsp Crushed roasted Peanuts.

1 tspn Green Chilli,Ginger and Garlic paste.

4 tbsp Corn Flour.

1 tspn Chaat Masala.

Bread Crumbs or Rava for coating

Salt to taste.

Oil for shallow frying.


Rinse the sweet potatoes thoroughly in water.
Boil them in cooker with water and salt for 3 whistles.

Once cool,drain the water, let them cool and peel.

With a potato masher, mash the sweet potatoes well.add all the ingredients except oil. Mix well.

Shape into medium sized tikkis,coat with Bread crumbs or rava.

Shallow fry till both the sides are well browned.

Remove on absorbant paper,sprinkle chat masala and serve with mint  chutney.

Tip:If the mixture feels a little loose, then add some more corn flour.

Happy Cooking!!!

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