Gadbad Ice Cream.

This is an interesting dessert from Mangalore made with different ice cream flavours and fruits.

It is believed that this recipe was discovered accidentally in a rush,the chef had to make some classic dessert ice cream and ended up making a mix of ice cream flavours with fruits,and hence the name gadbad.

In Hindi,gadbad means confusion or chaos,so basically you can say that it’s a total riot of flavors, textures, tastes & colors in a glass.

Traditionally the recipe is  served in ice cream parlours or restaurants, but can also be made at home with flavours of your choice.

The ice cream layers will create a melting moment in your mouth along with the crunchy nuts,soft jelly & crisp fruits.

So here goes the recipe…..


1 scoop Vanilla Ice Cream.

1 scoop Strawberry Ice Cream.

1 scoop Mango Ice Cream.

1/2 cup chopped seasonal Fruits like grapes, apple,banana, strawberry, mango,Chikoo,oranges.

1 tbsp Strawberry Crush.

2 tbsp Strawberry jelly.

2 tbsp Nuts (cashew, almonds, pistachios)

1 tspn Tutti Frutti.


Chop all the fruits into small pieces and keep aside.

In a tall glass add1 scoop vanilla ice cream,add strawberry crush and some chopped fruits.

Add 1/2 scoop strawberry ice cream and strawberry jelly.
Add 1 scoop mango ice cream and some chopped fruits.
Top up with remaining strawberry ice cream,now add chopped nuts and tutti frutti.

Serve Immediately.

Tip:Any available seasonal fruits and ice cream flavours can be used to make this recipe.

Happy Cooking!!!


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