Cucumber Mint Cooler.

Few years back I had visited Cochin,I have a very close friend Sanjay Kurup there,climate in cochin was horribly hot and dry.My friend’s wife Suvarna treated me to a chilling and refreshing drink…simple,tasty and refreshing…. So now it’s a ritual at my place to make this amazing Cooler to beat the heat in every summer.

Thanks Suvarna for this amazing recipe.


2 Cucumber.

1 inch Ginger.

4 tbsp Sugar.

1 tbsp Lemon juice.

6 leaves  fresh mint.(Optional)

6 pieces crushed Ice.

pinch of  Salt.

1 tbsp soaked Sabja Seeds.

2 lemon wedges for garnishing.


Mix all the ingredients in a mixie,except sabja seeds.Blend till turns into puree.

Add 1 and half glass of chilled water,blend again till ice is completely dissolved.Strain through a strainer.

Pour in a tall glass add sabja seeds,garnish with mint and serve immediately.

Happy Cooking !!!


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