Sugar Cane Juice.

This is a long overdue post,remember the summer of 2020,when due to lockdown there were no sugar cane juice shops open…and I had missed this juice so much….

At that time I had read this recipe somewhere…..sugar cane juice without sugar cane,made using jaggery….had been making it since that time and trust me it tastes amazing….

Do give it a try…


½ cup Jaggery Powder.

2 cups Water [ 500 ml ]

2 Lemon.

½ tsp Black Salt.

½  Inch grated Ginger.

10 Mint Leaves

Ice Cubes.


In a blender jar mix together jaggery,black salt,mint leaves,ginger,lemon juice,ice cubes and 1/2 cup water and blend well,add remaining 1 ½  cup water and beat till it turns frothy.

Pour from a height in a serving glass,add ice cubes and sprinkle chat masala(optional).

Serve chilled.

Tips:Don’t skip adding ice or else the juice won’t turn frothy.

If you don’t have Jaggery powder,Use grated Jaggery.

Happy Cooking!!!


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