Sameera’s Kitchen is all about love for food……….

First and foremost, I LOVE to cook!

Cooking is like therapy for me,if I am upset or sad,I just head towards kitchen and my mood is completely changed..Although I have done a diploma in Hotel management,cooking was the last thing I ever did before marriage.My mom is a excellent cook and she does fantabulous baking,may be its genes …that why I am here today.

After marriage slowly and gradually I started cooking,Intially it was just normal day to day cooking under my mother in laws guidance.  I learned along the way and  today everyone always raves over my food so I must be doing something good :) .

This blog will just be about regular day to day cooking. Will share some traditional as well as modern easy to cook receipes.

I have a treasure of recipes made by some excellent cooks,My mom,my mom in law and my aunt(Mom’s sister)…which I would be sharing with you.

A special mention of my friend Afshan(my official food taster)who always encourages me to do things positively in life……she is also one of the reason for me being here today..

And of course my mom Meena Aai,who developed my taste buds by feeding me awesome food since childhood……..and even today.

This blog is a special tribute to her…

How can I not mention my son Shounak,he is just 9 years old but a big foodie…..loves to eat pastas and pizzas,a huge fan of chicken,cheese and choclate loves these 3 C’s in everyform…He is my true critic,guides me perfectly whenever I try something new..Will share some of  Shonty’s favourite recipes too…

Also,I must mention my hubby Saket who loves to experiment with various types of cusines and makes us also do it….My culinary journey of  exploring Thai,Italian,Chinese,Continental dishes was all because of him.

Hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I enjoy writing this….

Happy cooking !!!


12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi,congratulations Sameera.I like your blog.I made Hummus and it was perfect.Thanks for sharing such recipes.Vandana Chindarkar.

  2. Hi Sameera ……I was searching for Shirwale recipe from so amny days as I personally like it so much……Thank you that I got it from you and yes I really liked your blog.

  3. Hi Sameera.. I truly loved the food in the blog.. Usually I do comment but this really worth appreciation. Being married to a malvani, your fish recipes have created an impression & I cant wait to get my hands on it!! Kudos 🙂

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