Cabbage and Capsicum Nu Shaak.

This is a very simple and flavour full dish from Gujrati cusine made using minimal ingredients.Goes well with phulka or roti.The tanginess of lemon juice and crunchyness of the semi cooked vegetables makes this dish a star. Ingredients: 3 cups Cabbage,thinly sliced. 1 Capsicum, thinly sliced. 1 tspn Oil. 1 tspn Mustard Seeds. 1 tspContinue reading “Cabbage and Capsicum Nu Shaak.”

Vegetable Stew.

This is a mildly flavoured vegetables curry from kerala,which is a combination of vegetables and creamy coconut milk based curry. Popularly served with malabar parotta or appam, but can also be served with idiyappam or oghee rice. I have used readymade coconut milk available in tetra pack instead freshly squeezed coconut milk can also beContinue reading “Vegetable Stew.”

Crispy Masala Macaroni.

Crispy Macroni Snack is an easy to make completely unique snack recipe.To prepare this crispy Macaroni Snack Macaroni is cooked and dried completely and coated in a flour mix,Then it is deep fried and tossed with aromatic and flavourful seasoning. Finally allow this to cool completely and store in an air tight jar.Trust me it’sContinue reading “Crispy Masala Macaroni.”

Tandalachi Bhakri.

Mostly bhakri is made using only rice flour,but I find it difficult to roll,so I follow my mom’s trick of adding some wheat flour,this makes it rollable and remains soft for a long time. This Bhakri goes well with almost everything leafy vegetables or even fish or egg curry. Ingredients: 1 cup Rice flour. 1/2Continue reading “Tandalachi Bhakri.”


Patole is a traditional Maharashtrian dish,made especially in month of Shravan.Also made as prasad for Nag Panchami.  नागपंचमी – श्रावणातला पहिला सण नागपंचमी या दिवशीं नागाची पूजा केली जाते‌ या दिवशीं घरात भाजी चिरणे, कोणतेही पदार्थ तळलेले किंवा भाजले जात नाही. कोकणात सासरी गेलेल्या मुलीला भाऊ या दिवशी माहेरी घेऊन येतो . सर्व गावातील मुलीContinue reading “Patole.”