Mooga Gathi.(Sprouted whole Green Gram in Coconut Gravy)

Mooga Gathi( Sprouted green gram in coconut curry) It is a delicious curry that is made without onion and garlic for “Shivrak” days in Goan cuisine. “Shivrak” are those days when the traditional  Goans do not eat non veg ,onion or garlic.Hence this dish is commonly served in temples and weddings. The Goans love their non-vegetarianContinue reading “Mooga Gathi.(Sprouted whole Green Gram in Coconut Gravy)”

Golyachi Aamti (Besan koftas in coconut curry)

Malvan being a coastal area, coconut is used mostly in everything,our curries are made mostly in coconut milk, and any of this curry when combined with rice is a combination to die for. This dish is also a coconut based gravy which has koftas known as Gole in Marathi made up of Besan and hasContinue reading “Golyachi Aamti (Besan koftas in coconut curry)”

Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)

This is a typical malwani fish gravy recipe, here fish is substituted with drumsticks. This is made especially in month of Shravan, when non veg is not cooked in most of the houses,people satisfy their urge of eating fish by making this dish. I have got a gift from my mom, fresh drumsticks from herContinue reading “Shenga kairi chi Amti (Drumstick and Raw Mango in coconut Gravy)”

Kadhi (Coconut curry) pakora

Curry pakoda is a delicay made using dahi,as I am a non dahi eater,i have invented this recipe for satisfying my taste buds,here dahi is replaced by coconut milk with dash of tamarind to give sourness of dahi. Ingredients: For Pakora: 1/4 cup besan (Bengal gram flour) 1/2 tsp chilli powder 1/2 tsp Dhana JeeraContinue reading “Kadhi (Coconut curry) pakora”

Kulith (Horesgram) Pithi

Kulith pithi is a comfort food for most of the Malvani  people.English name for kulith is horse gram. In Kokan region kulith is more popular. Powdered kulith is used to make pithla and whole kulith is used to make usal. Kulith powder is easily available in market especially in malvani stores. For us Malvanis pithi bhatContinue reading “Kulith (Horesgram) Pithi”