Bajri and Pallak Chilla.

One of the most commonly consumed grains in India, bajra is often referred to as “poor man’s staple”. This powerhouse of a grain has multiple health benefits. Mainly made of starch, and mostly insoluble fibres. This makes it a great long-acting source of energy and takes longer time to break. Therefore you feel fuller, forContinue reading “Bajri and Pallak Chilla.”

Makai Dhirde (Corn pancake)

Easy to make,simple breakfast dish.Goes well with ketchup or mint chutney. Ingredients : 1 cup Corn Kernels. 1/2 cup Besan. 1/4 cup Oats (optional) 1/2 tsp Green chilies,Ginger & Garlic paste. 1/4 cup Oil. Salt to taste. Method: In a mixie jar,mix together corn kernels ,along with green chilli,ginger and garlic paste.Adding little water,grind toContinue reading “Makai Dhirde (Corn pancake)”

Nachani (Ragi or Finger Millet) and Brown Rice Ghavna.(Crepes).

India is the highest producer of nachani, yet only few people are aware of its health benefits. Nachani has very high  calcium contents as well as fibre and is also gluten free.One should try to incorporate nachani in various forms in our daily diet.This Ghavna recipe can be had for breakfast with chutney or  itContinue reading “Nachani (Ragi or Finger Millet) and Brown Rice Ghavna.(Crepes).”

Buttery Schezwan Cheese Dosa

This is just a diiferent version of regular sada dosa,my son is a cheese crazy and doesnt like normal dosa,so just created this spicy cheesey version for him…. Ingredients: 1 cup Urad dal(skinless split black gram) 3 cup Rice. 2 tsp methi seeds. 1 tsp Sugar. Salt to taste. Oil. 6 tbsp Chings Schezwan chutneyContinue reading “Buttery Schezwan Cheese Dosa”

Sprouted Moong Chila(Dosa)

Sprouts are a great source of protein,Iron and vitamin C.This is an easy to make healthy snacks. Ingredients: 2 cups Sprouted Moong. 2 tbsp Rice.(washed,soaked for 2 hours and drained) 2 Green chilli. 1 inch Ginger piece. 1 tsp Jeera. Salt to taste. 2 tbsp chopped Corriander leaves. 4 tbsp Oil. Method: In a mixieContinue reading “Sprouted Moong Chila(Dosa)”